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If you are looking for basement finishing in Danvers, MA, you will find Getty Remodeling an experienced basement finishing contractor. What’s different about us is that we only refinish basements. We have been remodeling basements in Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and Southern Maine for over 30 years.

We Are Detail Oriented Basement Finishers in Danvers, MA

Owner Leonard Getty has over 30 years of experience in basement remodeling and we bring that experience to our Danvers, MAA basement finishing projects. Leonard will serve as your personal dedicated project manager. We guarantee timely customer service and open communication throughout the project. You can expect the best possible design, a detailed proposal, and constant communication with us during the remodeling process.Looking for a reliable and experienced basement finishing contractor in Danvers, MA?

At Getty Remodeling, we understand the common challenges with basements, including low ceilings, poor lighting, and unsightly pipes and ducts. However, we have the expertise and experience to overcome any challenge and transform your basement into a usable living space.

What makes Getty Remodeling different than most contractors in Massachusetts?

Unlike other contractors in Massachusetts, we only focus on basements and have a deep understanding of our customers’ frustrations. That’s why we commit to next-day response and timely communication with our clients. We respect your property, show up on time, and complete your project on-time and on-budget.

Our commitment to timely customer service and our understanding of all customers sets us apart. We understand the customers’ frustration when their calls are not returned, and that’s why we’re committed to “next day response” and maintaining an open line of communication throughout the basement finishing or home remodeling project. Click here to read about our customers’ experiences.

The owner of the company, Leonard Getty, is your personal dedicated project manager. He will come out to your home for a personal consultation, and provide his expertise in design and project management. At Getty Remodeling, you are guaranteed:

  • You will receive the best possible design for your basement finishing or home remodeling project.
  • You will receive a detailed proposal and project specifications, with any changes discussed and documents throughout the remodeling process.
  • We will provide constant communication with you throughout the basement finishing or home remodeling project.
  • We will keep your home clean, respect your property, show up on time and do what we say, when we say we will do it.
  • We will complete your basement finishing or home remodeling project on-time and on budget.
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If you’re interested in basement finishing in Danvers, MA, call Getty Remodeling today at 978.470.4943 for a basement finishing estimate. With our guarantee of fantastic customer service and 30 years of experience, we’re the easy choice for your basement finishing project. Click here to request an estimate online.

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